Friday, 4 May 2012

Challo Delhi

Hi to you food lovers

Incredible India!!!!! strolling through I.N.A market,makes you back to life that is fully connected to our passion FOOOD.My eye are wide open  and i d'ont want to miss be it a single spice lying temptedly on the shelves..all the receipes start popping one after the other in my mind..Ricotta chicken with a good pinch of indian turmeric,cummin-scented spinach soup,Bengoli fried fish with white mustard fried in mustard oil... i cant wait to be behind my stove and making you taste these mix of colourful,tangy taste of unique indian spices which am treasurely bringing back home.Hey Friends do not hesitate to call me on those lazy afternoon where you d'ont want to cook but still need to feed our lovely family.All pleasure will be mine,preparing for you all, yummy slow-cooked Crab in coconut madras  by Basmati rice with almond and raisin and mango chutney..Nice  mouth watering combo.    

Challo Delhi as the saying goes,for some more days ahead

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