Sunday, 20 May 2012

My Tapas cooking class

A brief History of Tapas:
It all started with King Alfonso X who ordered that the inns Castellanos not served drinks if it is not accompanied by some food.Basically,Tapas in Spanich mean a small portion of food that is served as an accompaniment to a drink.

But today tapas  have become a famous culinary delight.It is  diversified by dishes served in small portions ,which may well replace a meal or a dinner.But for me what is most important during Tapas brunches,is those endless conversatio under ns filled with good humour and laughter.

O.k,friends ,lets go to Olive Beach,located in New Delhi where i was very lucky to meet Chef Nuria from La Mancha Spain.I couldnt imagine a better charming background for a cooking classes,than outside in the summer garden amidst lot of greeneries.Being comfortably seated under wide shades,sipping lemmon iced tea.Out there the temperatutre edgeg closely to 35 deg yet it didnt feel likewise at all.

We started by preparing Gambas Con Salva Brava meaning shrimps lollipos in brava sauce.Icouldnt take my eye off off from chef Nuria while she was preparing the Brava sauce with fresh plump tomatoes,green pepper,onions and of course a good pinch of the famous Pimento de la vera.A must in Spanish Cuisine!
The best part is to come when it was time for tasting.Hmmm....So yummy in taste,with a unique fragrant smell and that colorful flash red brava sauce.Chef Nuria said as it taps ,3 lollipos are more than enough per person.But after having tasted it guys,you tell me if you agree to that.

We carried forward our cooking class,by a Torrijos.For those with a sweet cheeks,believe me ,you will be spoiled.Torrijas remind me of the classical french desert 'Pain Perdu'.But there is nothing comparable when you taste it.The infusion of lemon rind,orange peel and cinamon stick in milk bring along that unique flavor.

We end up by the caramelos Crujenti meaning Candy crispy which is one of my favorite recipe.Hey friends,who can resist by that perfect combo of toasted pinenut seeds,raisin and finely chopped zuchinni wrapped in a 10 cm square phylo pastry.?It may either be deep fried or oven-bake.Personally,i prefer it in oven due to more crispiness.What a delicious snack during an "appero".

Friday, 4 May 2012

Challo Delhi

Hi to you food lovers

Incredible India!!!!! strolling through I.N.A market,makes you back to life that is fully connected to our passion FOOOD.My eye are wide open  and i d'ont want to miss be it a single spice lying temptedly on the shelves..all the receipes start popping one after the other in my mind..Ricotta chicken with a good pinch of indian turmeric,cummin-scented spinach soup,Bengoli fried fish with white mustard fried in mustard oil... i cant wait to be behind my stove and making you taste these mix of colourful,tangy taste of unique indian spices which am treasurely bringing back home.Hey Friends do not hesitate to call me on those lazy afternoon where you d'ont want to cook but still need to feed our lovely family.All pleasure will be mine,preparing for you all, yummy slow-cooked Crab in coconut madras  by Basmati rice with almond and raisin and mango chutney..Nice  mouth watering combo.    

Challo Delhi as the saying goes,for some more days ahead

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My First Post...

Everyone calls me technically challanged, which, i whole heartedly agree... But coming this far to open a blogging site sits on the top of my (many) accomplishment list. :)
Yayyyy...... not so technically challanged after all...

Also, with a heavy heart I bade farewell to my soul mate Musical Guy (Mimi). Mimi has been a part of me since the last 5 years. Maybe this profound loss had egged me on to explore other oppertunities..

For all you horse lovers out over there, here is the picture of Mimi..
May you canter through the stars forever....